Genehtik Seeds – 1er premio mejor banco – Expocannabis 2011

GENEHTIK nace como resultado de muchos largos años de trabajo de cultivo intenso y de compartir e intercambiar genética, información y experiencias con cultivadores y breeders(criadores) amateurs y profesionales, reconocidos y desconocidos de diferentes países y continentes del mundo.

Llevamos desde finales de los años 90 manteniendo variedades muy especiales, autenticas campeonas en muchos casos. Del ensayo de diferentes cruces con ellas y con otras semillas provenientes de diferentes partes del mundo, hemos logrado crear nuestras propias variedades completamente estables y de calidad.

Green House Seeds – El banco holandés que ha ganado más premios

Green House es el banco holandés que ha ganado más premios en la High Times Cannabis Cup. Ofrecen semillas de cannabis, feminizadas, autoflorecientes y regulares, de diferentes aromas y fuerte efecto.

Las semillas de las diferentes variedades indicas o sativas, se encuentran revestidas de color para distinguir las cepas a la hora de su cultivo.


The Green House Seed Company is the most successful cannabis business in the world.

Winner of many international awards (34 High times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, and many more private awards in many countries), it is leader in cannabis genetics.

Arjan, owner and founder, has been acclaimed The King of Cannabis for his amazing record of cannabis prizes won throughout his carreer. He has always been committed to create the best genetics in the world, and to ensure that the growers choose the best genetics, based upon their location, logistics and personal knowledge.

Arjan started collecting genetics and landraces from all over the world 25 years ago, and the hunt is still on! (

Green House Seed Company genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding. All strains have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties, as well as particular terpene profiles guaranteeing  unique aromas and flavors.

An overview of some of the most popular Green House strains:

The first and most important distinction to be made is the choice between growing outdoor or indoor. Once the decision is made, it is important to get the right type of seeds for the purpose. Most cannabis plants can be grown indoor or outdoor, but the peculiar characteristics of each strain always guarantee best results in one of the two ways. The personal or commercial nature of the operation will always influence the choice of the genetics. Sativas are usually regarded as higher quality, while indica strains are faster and more commercial.

Between the over 20 strains now sold by the Green House Seed Company there are true indoor champions and true outdoor champions. The Himalaya Gold is the most recommended outdoor plant, because of its genetic resistance to cold nights, altitude, pests and diseases. The origin of the plant is from the Himalayan region, and it proved an incredibly versatile and adaptable plant. Growers in the mountain regions of Italy and Spain love the Himalaya Gold for its high yields and sweet strong indica characteristics. Another true outdoor champion is the Arjan’s Haze # 1, with great production and unique sativa high. The Arjan’s Haze # 1 performs very well indoor, but outdoor the plants can grow to reach their development-peak and the maximum productivity. Moreover, solar light activates the production of a wider range of cannabinoids in the buds, guaranteeing a truly psychedelic effect. Besides, it finishes flowering in 11 weeks, allowing cultivation in most southern European countries.

On the indoor side, the best plants of the Green House Seed Company are Great White Shark, White Rhino, El Nino and the White Widow. All these strains belong to the “white” family and share a common genetic origin. They are shorter, bushier plants with great bud production and amazing resin production. The bouquet and taste vary considerably, as well as the effect. The White Rhino in particular is very suitable for Sea of Green systems, where the plants are kept very close to one another and flowered at an early stage. It has a sweet taste and a great narcotic effect that made it popular with MS patients and chronic pain patients.

The Great White Shark and The Doctor are very popular between indica lovers worldwide. Their yields are amazing and the buds rock-hard.

The Hawaiian Snow, the Strawberry Haze and the Neville’s Haze are good outdoor or indoor plants, but are mostly grown indoor because of their longer flowering time. Sometimes these varieties are given 12 hours of light from the very beginning, to keep them short and to shorten the flowering time. These are high-grade sativas, with an uplifting high and a very woody earthy flavor.

There are also plants that are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions, such as the El Niño, the Alaskan Ice, the K-Train and the Super Silver Haze. These strains will perform incredibly good both ways, with some differences in plant development and yield. The Super Silver Haze in particular can produce more when grown outdoor, as the plants can develop taller and stronger branches can sustain the heavy buds.

The choice of the genetics remains one of the key factors in the success of every grower or breeder, and it is very important to acquire the most information before committing to the task.

If you come to Amsterdam please visit our Shops and ask for a seed catalogue! We will be happy to advise the best for your needs. Or, if you live too far from Amsterdam to pay a visit, check our online shop on

Arjan & the Green House Seed Company team

Homegrown Fantaseeds – Ofrece las clásicas variedades originales

Este banco holandes de semillas de marihuana posee numerosos premios, entre ellos, la High Times Cannabis Cup, como mejor empresa de semillas de cannabis en 1998.
La mayor parte de las semillas de este banco, tanto feminizadas y como regulares, proceden de Positronics. Actualmente ofrece las clásicas variedades originales y las nuevas plantas híbridas creadas a partir de éstas.

Magus Genetics Seeds – Calidad desde 1990

The founder of Magus Genetics, Gerrit has been involved with growing and breeding high quality marijuana since 1990.
Through a thorough understanding of breeding principles/techniques and an utmost dedication, he has been able to develop some of the most exceptional varieties.
Warlock, Double Dutch, Exile and there new cannabis seeds launched in 2003 Biddy Early which won 2nd prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Nirvana Seeds – El número uno comprar semillas de marihuana barata

La historia de las semillas de cannabis de Nirvana se origina a finales de los años 80. En esos tiempos, el fundador de Nirvana, llamado Gipsy, trabajaba en Amsterdam, uno de los mas famosos coffee-shops holandes, el legendario Positronics, y decidio arrancar su propia compania de semillas.

Se han pasado años a viajar y a recolectar semillas de cannabis de las mejores especies. Y ademas años de experimentacion de cultivo, de cruces y de desarollo de nuevas variedades de cannabis para formatear lo que serian los mejores hibridos de Nirvana. Despues de haber aplicado et mejorado la experimentacion en buena cantidad de Grow-Shop de Amsterdam era tiempo de ofrecer sur experteza asi ganada y la calidad de los productos desarollados.

El resultado de esta iniciativa es Nirvana Seeds, fundada en 1995. Este concepto se desarollo en una nueva tienda que posee productos unicos y originales a base de cañamo, desarollado por Nirvana, que extiende extraordinariamente el uso del cañamo. En cuanto Nirvana mejora y extiende su panel de semillas de cannabis, la sociedad desarolla tambien una gama de productos a base de cañamo que son unicos. Al empezar el nuevo milenario, el arranque de nuevos productos como el vino de cañamo, la cerveza de cañamo fueron elecciones originales, asi como el vinagre de cañamo, el te helado y el famoso licor de cañamo : la Eva’s Paradijs.


Welcome to Nirvana Seeds. Cannabis seeds history of Nirvana goes way back to the end of the 1980’s. At that time Nirvana’s founder was working at Amsterdam’s most famous grow-shop, the legendary «Positronics», and it was the knowledge and inspiration that he received there that moved him to think about starting his own cannabis seeds company. Years were spent traveling, seeking out and collecting marijuana seeds from the finest strains. And more years went in experimentation, growing, cross breeding and developing the new cannabis strains from among which Nirvana selected the best to become their range of high quality hybrid marijuana seeds.

After applying and expanding his experience in a number of Amsterdam’s best known grow-shops it came time to offer the expertise he had gained, and the high quality products he had developed, to the world. The result of this initiative was the foundation of Nirvana in 1995. Originally a cannabis seed specialist, Nirvana is now an innovative business concept. It has developed into a shop with a unique and original range of self-developed hemp products that extend the uses of this extraordinary plant further than ever before.