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  • Extractor – Silent Duct – Blauberg


    Blauberg in-line extractors are innovative in their modern design and functionality. They create a constant airflow in order to create a stable microclimate in your grow room, and apart from this they are very quiet and energy efficient. They are designed to transport air at low flow rates and short distances, so it is recommended…

  • TT Fan Extractor – Vanguard Hydroponics


    The Vanguard TT extractor fans are a range of economical extractors perfect for small GrowTents. They come already wired, which avoids connection problems and come with a resistant and high-quality cable. They have a switch to regulate the two speeds, making it quick and easy to adjust them. It has 2 speeds, it is ideal…

  • PK Extractor – Prima Klima


    Characteristics of the PK Extractor: – MES AC motor – Impeller with backward-curved blades – Low energy consumption – Low noise emission – Optimized aerodynamic shape – Impact-resistant and durable housing – Connection and control system in the housing

  • Center Extractor – Blauberg


    Blauberg extractor fan is designed to control the airflow in indoor grows, which can remain in continuous use or programmed with a timer. Blauberg centrifugal extractors are very quiet and are specially designed for indoor grow-ops. Built-in ABS plastic housing and with adjustable motor by transformer or external thyristor.

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    Extractor Fan IsoMax – CAN


    Soundproof tube fans. The Iso-Max fan has two propellers, rotors and stator 1 1. This allows the fan to produce a uniform air jet, which makes less contact with the duct, resulting in lower pressure drop and therefore higher efficiency. Comes pre-wired and has an integrated thermal switch that prevents overheating. Easy to hang with…

  • SYSTEMAIR Extractor-RVK 250 E2-L1 – 1087m3/h


    Tubular Extractor Fan RVK250-L1: – Air flow 1087 m3/h. – Sound pressure 50 dA/B. – Power 159 W. – Revolutions per minute 2595. – Mouth of 250 mm. – Weight 5.2 Kg. The optimum air temperature range to ensure vigorous growth is between 26 and 28 degrees in the aerial zone and 22 and 23…

  • SYSTEMAIR Extractor-RVK 315 E2-L1 – 1650m3/h


    Tubular Extractor Fan RVK315-L1: – Air flow 1650 m3/h. – Sound pressure 52 dA/B. – Power 318 W. – Revolutions per minute 2433. – Mouth of 315 mm. – Weight 7.5 Kg. The optimum air temperature range to ensure vigorous growth is between 26 and 28 degrees in the aerial zone and 22 and 23…

  • VENTS VKO1 In-Line Fan


    In-line extractors for installation in greenhouses or as extraction reinforcement in long ventilation circuits. Silent, in sizes of 100, 125 and 150 mm and with flow rates of 107, 161 and 305 m3/h respectively. The In-Line Extractor belongs to the Axial Extractor family: these extractors have their blades positioned around the motor axis and are…