GROTEK – SOLO•TEK™ Bloom – Nutrient Solution, 10L



NPK: 3-8-8

Base nutrients for hydro, soil, and coco.

Solo-Tek Bloom is designed to follow the use of the Grow formula and ensure the proper ratio of nutrients for energy production within the plant ensuring perfect development and maturity.
Solo-Tek is a new line of nutrients from Grotek research that contains high-quality elements carefully combined in the right proportions for optimal plant nutrition. The primary and secondary nutrients and microelements are chelated to ensure plant uptake and pH is stabilized to maintain a proper pH level at the time of application.
SoloTek is a unique one-part fermented product, which has been designed for use in any growing system, whether hydroponics, soil, or greenhouse. With an organic content of 45%, this product offers the best of both organic and chemical resources and the combination of all its ingredients helps to maximize plant development, leaf and flower quality as well as the sugar content in crops.
The dosage recommended by grotek is always weekly.

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions22 × 18,5 × 30 cm