Metrop Enzymes (250ml)



Metrop Enzymes

Roots in Paradise!

Enzymes by Metrop is an enzymatic formula that is used to clean the growing medium and decompose organic material so that the roots can absorb excess nutrients. You can improve the health of your plants’ roots, allowing them to absorb much more food. The enzymes in the product break down dead roots and other remaining molecules. It also increases microbial growth, which then enters into a symbiotic relationship with your plant’s roots.

With metrop enzymes you will have healthy and robust roots, and your plants will grow and flower incredibly strong with thick trunks and branches.

Thanks to the healthy and abundant roots, your plants will absorb everything else you give them almost perfectly. At the same time, the enzymes decompose dead roots and convert them into carbohydrates that will feed your plant and help with creating new roots. Thanks to this, your plants will be more resistant, healthy, and well fed!