TA Fulvic, 10L



Fulvic is soluble humus containing humic and fulvic acids that enrich the nutrient solution. This additive is used in combination with complete fertilizers. It accelerates nutrient uptake in the root zone where minerals penetrate the plants. Fulvic transports the mineral nutrients into the plant through its roots raising the growth rate, increasing yield and increasing the quality of the harvest. In nature, where plants grow in the soil, the nutrient level is quite low. Still, plants can grow well because humic acids channel all the nutrients from around to the plants.

Now apply this magic in hydroponics, where the nutrient level is high and formulated specifically to meet the needs of the plants. The result is that Fulvic super-charges your nutrients for accelerated growth, healthy plants, and superior crop quality. Recommended for all growing systems: aero-hydroponics, hydroponics, or soil.

Due to a regulating and chelating action, as well as its high ionic exchange capacity:

It improves the capacity of nutritive elements for the plant, converting them into easily assimilated particles.
It delivers these elements to all parts of the plant: roots, trunks, leaves, flowers, and fruits.
It offers growers the benefits of a natural organic element, in liquid form.
In hydroponics and in substrate-free crops
Fulvic is an additive to be used in combination with complete fertilizers. Combined with conventional nutrient programs it will produce vigorous plants, earlier and more abundant harvests, and of course, intensifies the quality of flavor and essences.

Apply Fulvic to all cultivated plants: ornamental, culinary, and medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, trees, etc. It is used in hydroponics and in soil, in the nutrient solution, or in foliar application.

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Weight10 kg
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