CAN-FILTERS – CAN375 – 200mm – 1200m3/h


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CAN Filters has specialized in the design, development and production of activated carbon filters for almost any application. It is currently the largest European manufacturer, producing reliable filters of the highest quality. They have a unique filter filling, vibrating and assembly system that avoids the production of dust.

Also, the activated carbon used in the manufacture of CAN Filters results in a pelletized product with thousands of mesopores and micropores through which the extracted air passes. This carbon called CKV-4 is the best natural material for odor control.

The pre-filter is also of high quality and prevents the micropores from getting clogged in dusty environments. CAN Filtres filters have a life of 18 months and remove 99.5% of odors.

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Dimensions75 × 35 × 35 cm